ICCR - Insurance Cost And Compliance Review

ICCR – Insurance Cost and Compliance Review

ICCR is an exclusive service that verifies the compliance and costs of your insurance coverages.

It’s an innovative project with an independent consultant that helps control insurance compliance and, at the same time, verifies not only the wording of the policies, but also the effectiveness of the cost, proposing reductions obtained in the market.

ICCR uses the parameters of risk evaluation in combination with the level of prevention and protection, identifying the residual risk, allowing concrete solutions of risk transfer.

Mansutti’s Duties:

  • analyzes the documentation in reference to the specific requests of the client.
  • assess the information provided to highlight the corrections to make to the policies and indicates the most effective risk transfer.
  • verifies the compliance of the insurance coverages.
  • searches the insurance market to propose the best coverage in terms of contents and pricing.

The Client has complete freedom to:

  • renegotiate the policies with the current insurer to obtain the revision of the coverage and / or the reduction of cost
  • or
  • ask Mansutti to proceed with what has been proposed and accepted.