Business Services

Business services

We help companies pinpoint their insurance requirements and propose innovative advisory services.

ICM - Insurance Cost Management


This advice tool - ICM (Insurance Cost Management) – is free to customers and its purpose is to reduce insurance policy costs, while maintaining their management with the current broker or agent.

ICCR - Insurance Cost And Compliance Review

With this tool – ICCR (Insurance Cost and Compliance Review) – it is possible to assess whether the transfer of corporate risks to the insurer has been carried out correctly, as well as the relative cost.

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Two levels of risk engineering, from an analysis of the maximum risk unit (MRU) and the probable maximum loss (PML) to the assessment of the Disaster Recovery Plan.

 SIC - Supplier Insurance Compliance

By analysing the supply chain, SIC (Supplier Insurance Compliance) checks the compliance of suppliers with the customer’s insurance needs.

ReACT - Risk Engineering Assessment Control and Transfer

Structured advisory activity with a team of lawyers, engineers and I.T. specialists, aimed at analysing the status of individual risks and their protection. The ultimate purpose of ReACT (Risk Engineering Assessment Control and Transfer) is to identify any actions required to reduce the overall cost of risk transfer.

WIIE - Worldwide Insurance Information Exchange

With this tool, WIIE (Worldwide International Insurance Exchange) all international insurance policies can be managed and the risk transfer budget for each country set.


We are among the few insurance brokers specialised in Flexible Benefits, i.e. alternative types of employee pay that result in a tax benefit for the company and a higher purchasing power for employees.

This service offers two advantages: on the one hand, being tax-free, the benefits completely eliminate the relative tax wedge and reduce the cost of labour payable by the company; on the other hand, they increase the satisfaction of employees who are able to see the exact value of what the company decides to make available to them with no tax deduction. 

This perfected, unique, and innovative system is totally online and requires no management by companies ( ), since it is up to employees to choose and activate their welfare plan directly on the platform.