How we work

Our Work

WE ARE EXPERTS at identifying, analysing, reducing and managing risks.

Thanks to our experience and expertise, we can offer customers the most suitable insurance covers for their needs.


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Areas of intervention

We provide a professional and prompt analysis of the risks our customers are exposed to, and select the appropriate tools to minimise them. This is implemented in two key areas: 

  1. The study and development of insurance products in line with the customer's needs as well as statutory requirements. Such products are designed to also provide efficient cover for particular situations and risks, for which the standard plans of insurance companies would prove inadequate;
  2. The management of claims: our company is committed to ensuring that compensations are timely and adequate, by carefully monitoring the obligations borne by insurers.

The risk transfer process


  • Analysis and assessment of corporate risks and their impact (ReACT. In Chiaro, Disaster Recovery). -
  • Study of existing Insurance Programme in order to reduce the cost (ICM, ICCR) and the extent of risk transfer (ReACT).


  • Urgent interventions on Insurance Programme.
  • Optimal Structuring of Insurance and Prevention Programme.


  • Implementation of Insurance and Prevention Programme.
  • Activation of insurance market for insurance coverage placement.
  • Drawing up of policy wording.
  • Insurance Program Marketing,
  • Selection of the most appropriate insurance companies.
  • Insurance Program Management
  • International Cover Management (WIIE).
  • Claims Management
  • Legal, expert, contract assistance.
  • STargeted Risk Management studies (In Chiaro, Disaster Recovery, ReACT, SIC)